About Our Firm

For over fifteen years, Haynes & Associates, LLC has been a trusted source for high-quality, personalized financial and tax guidance, serving individuals and businesses in the greater Toledo area.
Our commitment goes beyond longevity; we prioritize being there for you when you need us. Leveraging our proficiency in Cloud-based accounting solutions, we ensure real-time collaboration, transcending geographical constraints. From essential services like tax consulting, accounting, payroll, and technology solutions to more comprehensive offerings such as business consulting, coaching, management advisory services, and estate planning – we cover a spectrum of financial needs.
What sets us apart is the synergy of our expertise, experience, and the collaborative spirit within our team. Each client benefits from the dedicated attention they rightfully deserve. Our unwavering commitment to upholding high standards, ensuring confidentiality, and maintaining a strong work ethic is the foundation of our enduring client relationships – a testament to why our client base returns year after year.

About Our Team

Meet the talented individuals who drive our success.

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Jason Haynes,CPA,MSA



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Patricia Shaffer



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Sue Macke



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Dave Bensch, CFP




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Ragan Shaw




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Lucy & Roxy

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